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atmosphere of dynamism,
innovative thinking, & mutual respect.


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    Bijay Barakoti
    Bijay Barakoti Creative Director
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    Sanjay K Barakoti
    Sanjay K Barakoti Founder / Sr. QA Analyst
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    Binaya Bogati
    Binaya Bogati Project Leader
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    Gaurab Basnet
    Gaurab Basnet Manager / UI/UX designer

Core Team

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    Sumesh Parajuli
    Sumesh Parajuli SEO Consultant
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    Shubha raj Basnet
    Shubha raj Basnet Accountant
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    Sudeep Pandey
    Sudeep Pandey Programming Lead
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    Ashish Dhamala
    Ashish Dhamala Sr. PHP Developer
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    Sujan Pradhan
    Sujan Pradhan Quality Analyst
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    Siddhartha Dhungana
    Siddhartha Dhungana Front-end Developer
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    Surya Neupane
    Surya Neupane Web Designer
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    Sunil Gurung
    Sunil Gurung Android Developer
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    Amit Bhattarai
    Amit Bhattarai Marketing
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    Abiskar Basnet
    Abiskar Basnet Programmer
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    Sunita Dulal
    Sunita Dulal Office Assistant


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