We call ourselves,SunBians

It’s not just an ordinary team, its a crew, a family we have choose to become with skills that can change the world.


Photo of Bijay Barakoti

Bijay Barakoti

Founder, Director

Photo of Sanjay Barakoti

Sanjay Barakoti

Founder, Director


photo of Kushal Poudel

Kushal Poudel

Sr. Consultant Development

photo of Subash Aryal

Subash Aryal

Sr. Android Developer

photo of Yagya Chaudhary

Yagya Chaudhary

System Analyst

photo of Biplav R. Raut

Biplav R. Raut

Project Manager

photo of Sunil Gurung

Sunil Gurung

Sr. Consultant (iOS)


Photo of Jeeven Lamichhane

Jeeven Lamichhane

Backend & DevOps

Photo of Dileep K. Chaudhary

Dileep K. Chaudhary

Associate Developer

Photo of Pankaj Koirala

Pankaj Koirala

Sr. Flutter Developer

Photo of Kavita Aryal

Kavita Aryal


Photo of Anjit Pariyar

Anjit Pariyar

Frontend Developer

Photo of Sonahang Rai

Sonahang Rai

Frontend Developer

Photo of Sujan Dhungel

Sujan Dhungel

DotNet Developer

Photo of Er. Saubhagya Rai

Er. Saubhagya Rai


Photo of Tilak Acharya

Tilak Acharya

Android Developer

Photo of Powan Pun

Powan Pun

Flutter Developer

Photo of Sanjay Maharjan

Sanjay Maharjan

Associate Flutter Developer

Photo of Alensh Maharjan

Alensh Maharjan

Associate Flutter Developer

Photo of Ajay Byanjankar

Ajay Byanjankar

Sr. Graphics/Visualizer (AI)

Photo of Simran Thapa

Simran Thapa

Content / Team Lead (AI)

Photo of Gyandip Parajuli

Gyandip Parajuli

Marketing Manager

Photo of Kaustuv Pokharel

Kaustuv Pokharel

3D Generalist / Motion Graphics Designer (AI)

Photo of Amit Pokharel

Amit Pokharel

CEO (Levin Sports)

Photo of Roshan Dhital

Roshan Dhital

COO (Levin Sports)

Photo of Bibek Maharjan

Bibek Maharjan

Graphics , UI/UX

Photo of Sajjan Shrestha

Sajjan Shrestha

Graphics , UI/UX

Photo of Mandeep Sapkota

Mandeep Sapkota

Sr. DotNet Developer

Photo of Mukesh Lekhak

Mukesh Lekhak

IOS Developer

Photo of Yashwant Rijal

Yashwant Rijal

PR & Communication

Photo of Aastha Basnet

Aastha Basnet

Communication Officer


Associate Devs

So, lets get started...